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IT Outsourcing Professional, Dedicated IT Knowledge

Many companies find themselves needing to cut costs and IT is often one of the areas to suffer. However, we can work with you to lower your monthly IT operating and support costs whilst improving your level of service.

We don't deal in high volume, impersonal support. Everything we do is tailored to your needs and your budget and we will never recommend a solution just because we make more money from it.

The techie bit

Our outsourcing team have experience in many business sectors and working knowledge of many BS and ISO standards relevant to IT and Information Security - including BS25999, ISO27001, Information Governance in Healthcare (such as Caldicott Guardian), ISO20000 - the list goes on.

We also have access to IT security professionals such as Certified Ethical Hackers and Licensed Penetration Testers.

For any areas outside of our expertise we have a wide network of partner organisations that we can draw upon in order to provide a complete service.