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28 Sept. Posted by Ashley Flynn in Development | 1 comment

Kshocolât - Luxury Chocolate Brand Website

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Kshocolat Home PageKshocolat Home PageKshocolat Home Page

When we were approached by Kshocolât (a brand that has moved its base from Glasgow to South Wales) to develop a custom ecommerce solution we were very interested. The site needed to be slick and functional whilst being delivered no later than their desired launch date. When we were told that the desired launch date was three weeks away and that a couple of other providers had turned down the work because of the strict timescale we couldn’t say no.

One of our lead developers met on site with the Kshocolât team the very same day to get an accurate list of the required features and functionality. Once back at base development started immediately and the test site was delivered nearly ten days ahead of schedule and 100% on spec. Result! We then worked with Kshocolât to get the final content and amendments completed in advance of launch day. Another project delivered on time and on budget thanks to our committed and flexible approach to software and web development projects of all sizes.

The team at Kshocolât were happy and the team at Prism Technology were celebratory (if a little bleary eyed) - the customer’s requirements were exceeded with no increase in cost or timescale. It’s not often that you get that level of accuracy in web development. South Wales coffee shops and pizza delivery chains were kept busy with our late night code-a-thons and the developers ate most of the profit from this job but I am sure you will agree that the finished result was worth it.

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7:31 AM 9/29/2010Robyn Hart says...
This looks very impressive and the fact that you managed on time and on budget is very encouraging. I'm looking at website designers/developers as I am about to start my own new business. I will be very interested to hear what you have to offer when the time is right.
Well done

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